Today there are almost no people who would not have heard about cryptocurrency. However, not everyone knows that you can not only buy cryptocurrency, but there are also plenty of ways to earn it. In this article we will consider several such methods that will suit everyone who has access to the Internet. However, it should be understood that when it comes to making money, there are two options: earning little, but effortless or a lot, but with the appropriate effort. Such methods are more suitable for those who have patience and do not want to miss the opportunity to get profit from the growth of Bitcoin in future, but do not have free funds to invest in cryptocurrency yet. Using the tips from this article, you can slowly but surely earn a modest start-up capital, which will then allow you to move on to something more serious (for example, investments or cryptocurrency trading). At the end of this article there are some cases of combination of these methods that can help maximize its effectiveness. Remember that the result depends on your efforts, perseverance and time spent.

1. Faucets

The easiest way to get Bitcoins without investments is to collect coins from Bitcoin faucets. This method does not require any effort or professional skills, you just need to register on such site with faucet or several at a time (there are dozens of them online) and collect coins every hour just by pressing button and entering captcha. The amount of the reward for each such procedure depends on a site, but most often lies in the range of 1-500 satoshi (1 satoshi = 0.00000001 bitcoin). Most sites with faucets have a referral program, so if you invite friends using your referral link, you will receive a percentage of their turnover (10-50%) without prejudice to their earnings, which will significantly increase your income. There are some faucets which giveaway not only bitcoins, but other cryptocurrencies (altcoins) such as Ethereum, Litecoin , Dogecoin etc.

Tip: do not waste your time on sites that promise 10,000 or more satoshi for each distribution - these are most likely fraudsters.

2. Airdrops

The second method of earning cryptocurrency, which does not require investment, is not much more complicated than the previous one, but still requires performing more meaningful actions than simply pressing a button. Airdrop is a free distribution of coins, which is carried out by a blockchain project (most often ICO) in order to attract new users. Airdrops are of two types: for coin holders (holder drops) and bounties. Drops for holders imply the distribution of project coins to those people who at some point of time simply had the cryptocurrency specified by the project in their wallet (similar to a hard fork). The cryptocurrency can be kept on those wallets or exchanges that are specified in the airdrop’s rules. BitTorrent can serve as a good example of such drop, which every month distributes its BTT coins to holders of TRON (TRX) currency. Distribution takes place on the 11th and will last until 2025. More details about the rules can be found in the official BitTorrent blog. Even despite the fact that in this case the funds do not need to be spent or invested (as they remain with you, just in a certain currency), this option is suitable for those who have at least a small amount of funds to hold. For those who start earning Bitcoins from absolute zero, the second type of airdrops can be a better option.

Bounty - is the distribution of cryptocurrency for performing simple tasks. Most often the tasks are to perform some actions on social networks, for example: make a repost on Twitter, join a Telegram channel of the project, etc. Thus, each of the parties benefits from this: the participants receive a free cryptocurrency, and the project is widely publicized and gain potential investors’ attention. Such bounty airdrops happen quite often and it will be difficult to track them all by yourself, so the most convenient way is to use one of the sites with a list of airdrops (for example, but not necessarily specifically this, using the search you can find a site that suits you). Regarding the potential profit that can be obtained for participation in a bounty, the amount can vary from $1 to $100 in equivalent coins of the project, which, after receipt, can be exchanged for Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency on any crypto-exchange.

3. Blogging

A combination of constantly growing demand for content and the development of blockchain technologies provides ordinary people an excellent opportunity to earn a cryptocurrency on blogging. Steemit platform embodies this opportunity by introducing the concept of paid content. Anyone can post a news item or an article, and if the reader finds the material interesting and votes in favor of it, the author is credited a small amount of local currency. The more votes - the more income. If you think you need to have outstanding writing skills to earn bitcoins using this method - see how much one user earned by simply placing a photo of the lasagna that his girlfriend cooked (about $50). Although, it is rather an exception, demonstrating that everyone can find their own audience, in which the luck factor also plays an important role. Many publications do not even gain $ 1, so it is better endeavouring to create high-quality content that is more likely to be noticed. Fortunately, there are no restrictions on the subject of writing (except for something obviously inappropriate), so you can write about your work, hobbies or, for example, impressions from watching a movie. The main thing is not to give up if at first the blog will not bring the desirable results.

A few nuances of working with the Steemit platform that can help you get started faster:

  • Registration is free and requires to submit your email and phone number.
  • After registration, in order to be able to post entries, your account must be approved by the platform, but do not worry - this is just a formality; the process usually takes from one day to a week.
  • Most of the readers on Steemit are english-speaking, thus, you need to have knowledge of English at least at an intermediate level; if you do not have such skill - do not hesitate to use Google translator, this is a good opportunity to improve your English.
  • The site has two types of rewards: author’s and curatorial; since it’s more or less obvious with the author’s one, we’ll explain a bit about the curatorial: you can also earn bitcoins by evaluating the publications of other authors, but the reward will be credited only if you rated the entry before it got into the “popular” section; there is also a limit for voting, which will increase as you progress on the platform.

If you do not know at all what to write about, at the end of the article we will describe an easy but effective lifehack.

4. Job (freelance) for crypto

On the Internet there is always more than enough work for people with any professional skills, and with the popularization of cryptocurrency it becomes much more convenient to accept payment for your work. Firstly, the available payment systems cannot always coincide for the client and the contractor from different countries, and secondly, sometimes the commission for work that freelance platforms take for mediation services can reach up to 20%, which can be avoided by using cryptocurrency. Although, at the moment there are no active freelance platforms that accept cryptocurrencies (in terms of client flow), work with payment in Bitcoins can be found on the websites of specialized communities. For example, on the most popular forum dedicated to Bitcoin, there is a section for job search, in which new jobs are published daily. This option is suitable for those who have certain skills (programming, design, writing texts, marketing, etc.) and have a good level of English. For those whose English leaves much to be desired, there is a more conservative way to earn Bitcoin without investing by providing copywriter services. Now in almost every country there is a site in the local language with news about cryptocurrency. There is never too much content for them, so they willingly pay authors for the material (of course, they pay with cryptocurrency). You can take advantage of this by suggesting your own article or writing a custom one. But in no case do not copy someone else's work, because it is easy to verify and, at a minimum, unethical.

5. Affiliate programs

Due to number of Bitcoin projects constant increase and their competition among themselves, these projects have to use any means to attract new customers, one of which is an affiliate program. As part of an affiliate (referral) program, for attracting new users you receive certain bonuses depending on the conditions of a particular site.

This type of bitcoin earning is good because absolutely everyone can use it, without any skills, without investments and the profit is potentially unlimited. Consider a few examples of the most popular sites:

  • Binance - one of the most popular and large cryptocurrency stock exchanges in terms of trading volumes; offers 20% of the bidding turnover from each user you invite; thus, if your referral bought or sold coins for the amount of 1 BTC, you will be credited with 0.2 BTC
  • Coinbase - a popular crypto asset management platform, one of the functions of which is the online storage for cryptocurrencies (crypto-wallet) and purchase of it; when the user invited by you makes a purchase / sale in the amount of $ 100, each of you will be paid $ 10
  • Ledger Wallet - hardware wallet for cold storage (offline) of bitcoins and other coins; cold wallets are considered the safest way to store crypto, so the demand for such devices is definitely high; as part of the Ledger affiliate program, you are entitled to 10% of the amount spent by the client you invited (prices for different models range from $ 80 to $ 300)
  • Coinmama - the site provides a convenient way to buy cryptocurrency using VISA and MasterCard credit cards; has a very profitable affiliate program, paying 15% of each transaction made by your users

Each of such platforms provides its partners with a unique link that can be used to identify who the new user is assigned to. This is not the complete list of available referral programs, almost every commercial project related to cryptocurrency has it, which gives an excellent opportunity to earn bitcoins without investments. If you do not know how to attract referrals - of the working example description at the end of this article may be useful.

6. YouTube channel

More and more people prefer YouTube as the main source of news and information, what the most resourceful ones successfully take advantage of. The demand for information about cryptocurrency as well as the popularity of crypto is growing every day. Thus, the channel about cryptocurrency in perspective can bring its owner a good passive income (below we will tell you how). If it seems to you that for this you need to have a lot of resources such as special equipment, the ability to professionally edit video, exclusive material and large investments for promotion - we hasten to please, this is not at all necessary and the possible solutions are listed below.

  • From the equipment you will need to have only a recording device. Most of the active Internet users have a webcam or headphones with a built-in microphone, all modern laptops also have a microphone. In extreme cases, speech can be recorded on the phone and then sent to the computer via an instant messenger (for example, Telegram).
  • There are free programs for video editing, the functionality of which is more than enough to create simple informational videos.
  • If you are not an expert in the field of cryptocurrency and do not know where to get information for plots, do not write yourself off: you can take articles from news portals about cryptocurrency as a basis, because many people are more comfortable to listen / see the news than to read indicate the link to the source in the description).
  • As for promotion, you can also not worry about this, because YouTube’s algorithms will ensure that no video left unnoticed and if you make efforts to create high-quality videos, the influx of subscribers will steadily grow without any investment in channel promotion.

There are several options for monetizing such channel: standard monetization from YouTube (makes sense with a stable number of views), sponsored content (advertising), collecting donations, promotion of affiliate links. In more detailed and complex way this method will be considered in the next section within the working example on earning Bitcoins without investments.

Case studies

All of the above methods are, to varying degrees, effective separately, but with their competent combination more significant results can be achieved with less time spent.

Case 1

As mentioned above, YouTube channel is a great tool for attracting target audience, which can greatly help in promoting your affiliate links. The main thing is not to do it too aggressively, asking in each video to register using your link - doing so you will not gain trust of the audience, which is extremely important. It is better to do something like this: for example, you make a video with reviews on airdrops (section 2) or bitcoin faucets (section 1), telling about their advantages and differences. At the end of each video you can mention that you use a Coinbase wallet to store your earned coins and Binance exchange (section 5) for trading it, and leave your links in the description. By the way, many airdrops and bitcoin cranes also have an affiliate program.

Case 2

This example is similar to the first one, but instead of YouTube channel, you can use the blog on Steemit to generate traffic (a stream of potential referrals). As we promised in the blogging section, here’s an easy-to-implement idea for content that can attract an audience: you can track news about the world of cryptocurrencies on several major news sites and, after rewriting them in your own words (this is important), compile the most interesting and important news for the week. This will help to gain a base of loyal subscribers to start, which is easier then to monetize. At the end of your articles you can also offer your services by accepting payment in bitcoins (if you have any skills) or post your referral links.

Using one or both of these examples at once can provide you steady passive income of bitcoins, which will only be growing with time, because once you publish a video or blog entry - it will remain on the Internet forever.

Finally, we would like to note that all of the above methods really work, and many people earn their living this way. Since the cryptocurrency industry does not stand still, the list will be updated over time, thus we recommend saving this article to your bookmarks to not miss useful tips on how to earn bitcoins without investments.