As cryptocurrency gains popularity, more and more businesses are starting to accept Bitcoin as one of the payment methods. Though, number of such companies is still a drop in the ocean. Most of the people who own cryptocurrency hold it as a valuable asset and don't even think about its application in terms of a payment mean.

However, there are some really loyal crypto-enthusiasts who trying to move their daily expenses towards cryptocurrency. As Forbes reports, there is a guy who was living only on Bitcoin for 3 years, paying for literally anything from a dinner to electronics using his BTC balance. Of course, such possibility highly depends on the infrastructure of the area a bitcoiner resides in: it is much easier to find cryptocurrency accepting store in such megapolis as New York than in a small town. It is also a matter of human factor and luck sometimes, as some business which overtly does not accept crypto for its services or goods may gladly agree to use such payment option if you just ask.

That is why we prepared this infographic which highlights twenty ways to spend bitcoins you might have not known about.

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