First of all BtcPlayMania is a team of real people, who are passionate about online gambling and cryptocurrency industry. We personally tested dozens of websites to compile the list of honest and best Bitcoin casinos (turns out there are not that many of it).

Why our website is better than others with crypto-casino reviews:

  • we do not make paid reviews, thus, to be added to our list the casino must provide indeed flawless service
  • we do not hide possible underwater rocks
  • to make a review on bitcoin gambling website we personally play on it
  • to not wasting our visitors’ time there are short and full reviews available
  • there is a useful functionality on the home page to filter the list by cryptocurrency/game

Our evaluation metodology

Despite the fact we are gamblers ourselves, the Bitcoin casino testing process is a bit more complex than usual play:

  • after signing up, we make a real deposit (in most cases, using the bonus offer if it is available)
  • perform interface testing, as for many players the possibility to play in Bitcoin casino from mobile phone or tablet is important
  • assess the amount of games and its quality
  • evaluate the work of support
  • and, of course, we make a withdrawal
  • to make the evaluation maximum objective, we also analyze the reviews of other players from online gambling communities

Affiliate disclosure

BtcPlayMania operates as an affiliate website, which means we receive some commission from the players we guide to the casinos on this website. Such monetization model allows us to focus on Bitcoin casinos research and testing process (as we do real deposits to test casinos), providing up-to-date content and unbiased reviews without ads. However, the commission we receive does not affect players' balance in any way.

About the founder

Hello, my name is Serhii, I am a professional web-developer with more than 7 years of experience. I have a degree in program engineering and the first time I heard about the blockchain technology was in my university time. Later after graduating, working on freelance, it was the first time I became a cryptocurrency owner, when my client from USA proposed to pay for the work using Bitcoin. It was the beginning of 2017, the time of Bitcoin’s popularity burst, plus the sum was not that big ($40), so I agreed on such experiment. At that time, I was also passionate about online gambling, watching streams of popular players, playing myself. Thus, after deciding to act on the “all or nothing” principle, I found a Bitcoin casino, made a deposit and an hour later withdrawn $200. This is how began my journey to the world of crypto-casinos. It was an inspiring experience which I decided to share with others through the creation of this site.

Important: we want people to receive only positive emotions by using our site, so you should not play if you have problems with gambling, because this is, first of all, entertainment, not a way of earning money.

May the luck be with you!