By 2023, 55% of all online gambling revenue will be generated on mobile devices, according to the statistics published on Statista. A responsive mobile interface or an app is now a must for any online casino. From crypto deposits on mobile to using the right type of Internet connection – we highlighted the main points which will be useful for every player in the process of selecting the right mobile Bitcoin casino.

Main features
Mobile usability
  • nearly instant withdrawals
  • 15 custom provably fair games
  • 100+ coins accepted
  • betting on sports
  • loyalty program
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  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and TRON
  • ultra-fast withdrawal and deposit
  • about 2000 of games from licensed providers
  • first licensed Bitcoin casino
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  • 9 coins accepted and usual currency
  • one of the most innovative crypto-casinos
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  • 6 cryptos and 6 usual currencies
  • thousandss of games from licensed providers
  • active players chat
  • live dealer games
Mobile usability score: 8
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash
  • sportsbook
  • founded in 2013
  • hundreds of casino games from licensed providers
Mobile usability score: 8
  • 6 cryptos and fiat accepted
  • hundreds of games from licensed providers
  • established in 2013
Mobile usability score: 8
  • Bitcoin only
  • sportsbetting oriented
  • several custom casino games
  • best Bitcoin poker in the industry
Mobile usability score: 7.5
  • mutual betting on sports (player vs player)
  • several custom casino games
  • awesome mobile version
  • betting on special events (Oscar, elections, etc.)
Mobile usability score: 7.5
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  • 5 cryptos and usual currency
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Mobile usability score: 7.5
  • 5 cryptocurrencies
  • nice VIP-program
  • awesome mobile version
  • many games with jackpot
Mobile usability score: 7
  • 6 cryptos accepted
  • great promos and events
  • live dealer games
  • hunderds of casino games from licensed providers
Mobile usability score: 6.5
  • 40 coins accepted
  • 8 custom provably fair games
  • works since 2014
  • micro-bets and faucet
Mobile usability score: 5
  • multiple coins
  • one of the first in the industry
  • no registration required
  • Android app available
Mobile usability score: 4
  • 9 cryptocurrencies
  • hundreds of games from licensed providers
  • betting on sports
  • live dealer games
Mobile usability score: 3

When speaking about mobile compatibility of a crypto-casino, there are two possible options:

1) Mobile-friendly website. This means all the elements on the page change their size and location when viewed on screens of different sizes. Making all the pages of a casino site responsive requires a lot of tweaking and even more testing, plus additional work when new device models become available. The big plus of mobile-friendly Bitcoin casino is that the players don't need to create two separate accounts.

2) Mobile app (iOS/Android). Mobile apps are much more expensive in terms of development and take longer to create than a responsive site. Plus, a casino actually needs two apps – one for iOS, one for Android. On the other hand, apps are faster and deliver better and unique user experience.

Thus, the vast majority of crypto-casinos stick to mobile-friendly website approach.

Bitcoin casino games availability from mobile

Which games are available on mobile depends both on the casino and the game publisher. Crypto-casinos can choose to create their own games or – a more common option - buy a license from the studio (publisher) that develop games.

In the latter case, if the studio decides not to adapt a certain game for mobile devices, you won't be able to play it on your smartphone, no matter how responsive the casino's website is. It's also possible that a game is built with HTML5 and can run on any mobile device, but the casino's site is not responsive enough.

However, top casino software providers have already adapted their games for mobile devices, so players can enjoy Bitcoin casino games from such giants of the industry:

  • NetEnt
  • Yggdrasil
  • Endorphina
  • Amatic
  • Microgaming and more

A casino can also decide to exclude a whole category of games from its mobile version. It's often the case for live dealer games – not because of HTML5 issues, but rather because they consume a lot of data.

Why there are not many Bitcoin gambling mobile apps

Google and especially Apple are very cautious when it comes to gambling regulations. They don't want to risk that users from countries or US states where online gambling is regulated get access to a casino app through their service. Back in the times of Flash, when iOS users couldn't play casino games in their browser, you couldn't find any real-cash game apps in the App Store.

With the HTML5 revolution, things relaxed a bit: since anyone could now access casino websites in Safari, there was no point banning gambling apps from the store. However, in June 2019 Apple imposed new restrictions, saying that now only native iOS casino apps will be allowed.

This is a big problem, because almost all gambling apps are what is called 'container apps' – HTML5 websites 'wrapped' in a native iOS layer. Building real native iOS apps is too expensive for smaller Bitcoin casinos.

What to keep in mind while playing in crypto-casino from mobile

Stable internet connection is important

It's highly recommended to use a private or trusted WiFi network to play casino games on mobile. If the signal is unstable or not strong enough, the game can lag or crash. In such cases any reputable online casino has a backup functionality which ensures that the outcome of each bet is saved.

The latest generations of mobile internet technologies such as 4G or 5G may be a reliable option as well. However, if your mobile traffic is limited be careful playing games that rely heavily on video, such as live dealer games, as they can make you reach your limit in a blink of an eye.

Depositing and withdrawing winnings

The final key element of the mobile casino experience is depositing and withdrawing your crypto. Top crypto gambling sites ensure that the payment process is smooth for all popular mobile wallets. In many cases, the system will generate a QR code, allowing you to pay in a couple of taps.

On your side, you'll have to choose the right wallet. Many desktop crypto wallets aren't available for iOS or Android. So, if you plan to make casino deposits both on your computer and on your smartphone, it's better to choose a cross-platform or mobile-oriented crypto-wallet. Recommended options include Exodus, BitPay and Jaxx.


No doubt, the future of crypto-gambling is on mobile. Still, it takes a lot to create a seamless mobile casino experience and not all Bitcoin casinos are doing an equally good job, so check out our list of the most mobile-friendly crypto-casinos.

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