When Bitcoin casinos just started coming to the scene, Ethereum became one of the first altcoins, which crypto gambling websites adopted. The reason for this was not only its advantages in terms of gambling, which we will consider below, but first and foremost - the media popularity of this altcoin. For several years of development of the crypto industry, Ethereum (ETH) has become a recognizable brand, so it is now difficult to find a crypto enthusiast who has not heard about Ether. Moreover, it constitutes a substantial part of most cryptocurrency holders’ portfolios, being a perspective investment asset.

About Ethereum

Some people call Ethereum the younger brother of Bitcoin, which from some point of view is the case, because through Bitcoin the blockchain technology was first put into operation, which also lies at the heart of Ether. Despite that, there are some differences between them. Created in 2015 by the young programmer Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum embodies the concept of smart contracts, going beyond the bounds of being just a currency, which Bitcoin is. In simple terms, smart contract is a guarantee of the transaction terms fulfillment by its participants without the intervention of any third parties. Ethereum platform allows to apply this technology in almost any area of ​​business, including online casinos.

Why Ether is an ultimate solution for online gambling

In addition to the fact that the utility component of Ether is much higher than that of its older brother, ETH is also more convenient than Bitcoin in terms of a payment mean for use on a daily basis. Thus, it can be more convenient to make a deposit in a crypto casino using Ethereum due to two main factors:

  • First of all, this is due to the transaction time, which in the Bitcoin network can reach several hours, especially if you make a transfer with low fee, while sending ETH will take not more than ten minutes.
  • In most cases, the fee for sending Ether is 10-20 times lower.

Such difference will be especially noticeable during periods of high network load.

In comparison with online casinos that accept usual currencies such as dollars and euros, Ethereum casinos have even more advantages:

  • Anonymity. A very important requirement of many gamblers, which Ethereum fulfills easily, because no one will know who the owner of your wallet is if you don’t want it. Unlike usual online payment systems, such as PayPal, WebMoney, bank cards, etc., in which the account is firmly tied to the owner’s identity, to register the Ethereum wallet only an email and password are required - no personal data.
  • The freedom of action. It often happens that when receiving or sending funds from a card or other proprietary payment system, the administration of such system may be interested in the purpose of transaction. If Ether could laugh, he would have done just that, since no one except the crypto-wallet’s owner has a control over where do the funds come from (or where do it go to), regardless of the amount.
  • Honesty. Along with the growing popularity of crypto casinos, the provably fair technology has emerged on the scene, which is another distinctive feature of cryptocurrency gambling sites. The charm of the provably fair algorithm lies in ability to personally verify the bet result randomness, which makes it impossible for the casino to “tweak” a game in its favor.
  • Perspectives. In 2015, when Ethereum was born, its price was about $ 1. In June 2019, the value of ETH is $ 300 and continues to grow. Thus, winning at Ethereum casino gives extra chance to get even more profit as the amount of winnings over time can multiply by itself.

Deposit and bonuses at Ethereum casinos

A crypto casino gives each player a separate address for each accepted currency to which he needs to send coins. Do not worry that the funds can come to someone else's address - each player is granted with unique address that no one knows except him.

However, be careful: when making a deposit, do not send Ethereum coins to the Bitcoin addresses, because this will lead to their loss.

As you may already know, many crypto casinos offer various bonuses, for example, for the first deposit, cashback and others. Even if the bonus is displayed in bitcoins - it can also be obtained by making a deposit using another cryptocurrency, which is accepted by the casino, including Ethereum.

Here are a few examples of such bonuses from popular crypto gambling sites:

  • BitStarz - for making the first deposit players will additionally receive 100% of the deposit amount and 180 free spins on top (x40 wager)
  • FortuneJack - as much as 110% and 250 free spins on the first deposit (x40 wager)
  • mBit - a truly unique offer is 20% cashback (return from loss), which can be taken advantage of daily

Of course, this is not a complete list, because such Bitcoin casinos offer players bonuses for every taste, which can be easily found on their website, as well as its terms.

Ethereum games: slots, dice, roulette and more

The number of gambling games available for betting with Ethereum is being not inferior to the range offered by usual online casinos, and maybe even surpasses it. Thus, the list of the most popular games for ETH is topped by:

  • Dice. This mechanically simple game marked the beginning of crypto gambling era. Opened in 2012, SatoshiDice was the first of its kind crypto-casino website. The point of the game was to choose a multiplier, by which the player's bet will be multiplied when a lucky number drops, and the greater the selected multiplier - the lower the chance, but the higher the gain. Later, PrimeDice successfully took over the baton, and its founders, inspired by the positive result, opened a full-fledged crypto casino in 2017 - Stake . Stake gained tremendous success, to this day remaining the most popular site for playing on cryptocurrency (including Ethereum).
  • Slots. Many Bitcoin casinos have adapted slots from such popular licensed providers as NetEnt, Microgaming, QuickSpin, Amatic, etc., for play with crypto. Some went even further by developing their own slots based on the aforementioned provably fair algorithm, which is perfectly compatible with the bets for Ether.
  • Roulette. Good old roulette, which is still one of the most popular entertainment for gambling bitcoiners.
  • Sports betting. ETH is also very convenient for sports betting because of its transactions speed. Of course, compared to Bitcoin, not many bookmakers accept Ethereum, but they still exist and their list can be found on the main page of our site, where you can filter the list of the best casinos for Ethereum by selecting the appropriate game and currency.

Obviously, this is not the whole list, because it can be continued indefinitely: blackjack, baccarat, keno, plinko, games with live dealers, poker and so on. In addition to quantity, quality is also not inferior.

Another distinctive feature of crypto games is the auto-betting mode, which in many games allows you to set the custom settings and wait for a win on full relaxation.