On the unstable market of cryptocurrency, for any crypto-enthusiast is important to have a “solid ground” option without going out of crypto. Fortunately, such option is possible thanks to the special type of cryptocurrencies called “stablecoins”. As on the beginning of 2020 there are more than ten stablecoins available on the market, but the most prominent representative is Tether (USDT). Since crypto-gambling constitutes significant share of cryptocurrency transactions, many crypto-casinos have already adopted Tether, so we compiled the list of best crypto-casinos accepting Tether:

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About stablecoins

As mentioned above, stablecoins is unique type of cryptocurrencies and its uniqueness lies in its ability to maintain fixed price which is always equal to price of some asset the stablecoin pegged to. Thus, just like any usual (fiat) currency backed by precious metals, most of the stablecoins in its turn are backed by usual currency. There are stablecoins which represent such currencies like British pound, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Hong Kong dollar and many more. Of course, the most popular stablecoins among crypto-community are those which are pegged to US dollar. The list includes more than ten coins headed by Tether, bitUSD, USD Coin and TrueUSD. Need to mention, these coins created by popular crypto-enthusiasts or big companies in crypto-field, but not officially supported by government.

The role of Tether in Bitcoin casinos

Tether is not only the most popular stablecoin on the market, but also one of the biggest coins among all cryptocurrencies. With more than 4 billion dollars capitalization, it takes steady top 5th position on the whole crypto-market since 2019 which reflects the incredible demand on it among crypto-investors. Of course, its popularity is just a side effect of the features it may offer and Bitcoin casino players can definitely benefit from some of these features:

  • Closest to usual online casino experience. Tether is often called “crypto-dollar” as its price is always equal to USD, so one of the factors is that players who used to gamble with usual currency can seamlessly move to crypto casinos with the help of Tether. It can be especially convenient for those who struggle with decimal Bitcoin digits (satoshis).
  • No price fluctuations. Seasoned crypto-gamblers know that frustrating feeling when waking up in the morning it is discovered that the sum won on the eve decreased in value by 10 or even 20 percent. Due to unstable nature of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such situation is not rare, but can be easily avoided if playing in crypto-casino with Tether.
  • Easy to switch between coins. Since Tether is also a cryptocurrency it is more convenient to transfer it to another coin than buying crypto with usual currency. Furthermore, there are some crypto-wallets which have built-in exchange functionality, so switching from Tether to another crypto is a matter of minutes.

How to use Tether for gambling

Of course, to use Tether for gambling a crypto-wallet with USDT support is needed. There is a sign up option on the official Tether website, but it requires from users to fill their personal information, which is usually unwanted for most of cryptocurrency users. Fortunately, there are other crypto-wallets that support Tether, but the most user-friendly are Exodus and Atomic Wallet and they also have in-built crypto exchange.

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