Just a few years ago, when in the vast majority of online casinos you could only play on usual currency, one of the main concerns of the players was the verification process when it comes to withdrawing winnings. Now cryptocurrency casinos are rapidly replacing the “dinosaurs” of the online gambling industry, providing a number of advantages, the list of which includes the ability to play casino on bitcoins without identity verification (without KYC procedure).

What bitcoin casinos don’t request KYC verification?

At the moment, the situation with verification at Bitcoin casinos is much more simple: if the website accepts only cryptocurrency for play, then most likely verification is not required. This is primarily due to the fact that the legal sector in the field of cryptocurrency varies from country to country, so Bitcoin casinos can register in the jurisdictions with minimum legal limitations and operate accordingly. In addition, in order to create an account, convenient online payment systems (like PayPal, Neteller, bank cards etc.) require ID from users, while crypto-wallets not. Moreover, cryptocurrency is a decentralized phenomenon, which means that the regulation of its turnover contradicts the concept.

If you are an ardent opponent of the idea of ​​sending personal documents to the casino and want to play with Bitcoin as anonymously as possible, the table below provides information on verification for the best Bitcoin casinos.

Main features
Verification status
  • classic Bitcoin casino
  • great variety of games
  • instant withdrawals
  • unique cashback and more great bonuses
Verification: Not required (anonymous)
  • ultra-fast withdrawals
  • 17 custom provably fair games
  • hundreds of games from licensed providers
  • 100+ coins accepted
  • betting on sports
  • loyalty program (cash bonuses for every regular player)
Verification: Not required (anonymous)
  • nearly instant withdrawal
  • wide range of casino games and sportsbook
  • up to 45% cashback welcome bonus
  • 12 coins available for a deposit
Verification: Not required (anonymous)
  • ultra-fast cashout
  • huge amount of games from top providers
  • 9 coins accepted and usual currency
  • one of the most innovative crypto casinos
Verification: Not required (anonymous)
  • multiple coins
  • one of the first in the industry
  • no registration required
Verification: Not required (anonymous)
  • 6 cryptos and 6 usual currencies
  • thousands of games from licensed providers
  • active players chat
  • live dealer games
Verification: Rarely asks
  • 5 cryptocurrencies
  • nice VIP-program
  • many games with jackpot
Verification: Rarely asks
  • hundreds of games from licensed providers
  • 5 cryptos and usual currency
  • top casino 2017/2018 AskGamblers awards
Often asks
  • 6 cryptos and fiat accepted
  • hundreds of games from licensed providers
  • established in 2013
Verification: Often asks
  • 6 cryptos accepted
  • great promos and events
  • live dealer games
  • hundreds of casino games from licensed providers
Verification: Often asks

About verification in online casinos

Verification is the process of a player’s identity confirmation by sending documents or other informational materials (in digital form) that a particular casino requests. The list of such materials most often includes a passport, a bank statement which includes the physical address of the player’s residence, or a receipt for utilities (also with the address). Less often, a casino may ask to send a photo of the game account owner holding the passport.

Why casinos are asking for documents for withdrawal?

There may be several reasons for ID verification in online casino and they may be different for each website, but the most common ones include prevention of money laundering, protection of player funds from being stolen by hackers, abuse of an affiliate program, verification of age.

Let’s consider the above reasons in more detail:

  • Money laundering - criminals do not get tired of coming up with new ways to launder money and online casinos often become their victims, so any suspicious financial activity (which may seem subjective) may lead to a verification request.
  • Protection of accounts - no matter how powerful security system a casino has, there is always a theoretical probability that a player’s account will be hacked by hackers, so the casino can ask for confirmation that it’s the real account holder initiated the withdrawal of the funds.
  • Affiliate program - in most online casinos players have the opportunity to invite customers in exchange for a commission, which some cunning users can take advantage of by registering another account through their own affiliate link.
  • Bonuses - many Bitcoin casinos (as well as regular ones) offer the most attractive bonuses for their first deposit, so there are players who try to scam the casino in an attempt to take advantage of a favorable offer several times.
  • Age - gambling is allowed from the age of 18 (in some countries from 21), therefore, in order to not accidentally violate the law, the casino may want to make sure that the player’s age corresponds to the allowable one.
  • Self-exclusion - most online casinos (including Bitcoin casinos) have a self-exclusion program, which players can use in order to ensure that their game will not go out of control. In this case, a casino will use KYC to keep players from bypassing the system by creating another account to continue playing.

In addition to the above, one of the most important factors is that licensed online casinos for fiat currency should regularly report their income and expenses to governing authorities, including the tax service. Thus, if the casino is claimed to be anonymous, it still can request the ID verification in extraordinary cases or when extremely high sums are involved.

As you can see, online casinos also have good reasons to worry about their security, and all of the above applies to Bitcoin casinos.

Of course, there are simply unscrupulous sites that overcomplicate the process of withdrawal, trying to make life difficult for players to not pay the legitimate winnings, so it is important to responsibly choose the online casino, which is the main aim of our site.

The most anonymous cryptocurrencies for gambling

Compared to conventional currency, cryptocurrencies have a greater degree of anonymity, however, if desired, the movement of funds can be tracked. This is due to the fact that all transactions are included in the blockchain system, which is transparent and, if you know the address of the user's wallet, everyone can see where the coins were sent from or to. This information is useless if you do not know who owns the wallet (and we remind you that no personal data is needed to register a crypto wallet). Usually, owners of publicly known wallets (for example, owners of crypto exchanges or media personalities) are afraid of such “surveillance”. However, even in this case, in the world of cryptocurrency, there is a solution that is often used by crypto casino players.

Monero (XMR)

Monero is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world which supports anonymous transactions. This cryptocurrency is based on the CryptoNote protocol, which has the algorithm of ring signatures behind it. The essence of this approach is to mix information about transactions at the program level, which allows you to hide the amount, the recipient, and the sender of the Monero transactions. Fortunately, there are enough crypto casinos accepting this altcoin. The most famous are Stake, FortuneJack, and Crypto-Games.

In addition, Monero has several times faster transactions than Bitcoin, which makes it a better option for players who prefer Bitcoin casinos with instant withdrawal.

ZCash (ZEC)

Second most popular among anonymous cryptocurrencies is ZCash. Based on the cryptographic protocol of evidence with zero disclosure, which allows you to save transactions in the blockchain, without disclosing its participants and the amount. At the same time, it allows you to make transactions transparent, which can be useful for corporate accounting. ZCash is accepted by the same above-mentioned crypto casinos as in the case of Monero.

VPN use in Bitcoin casinos

For most users of the Internet, online privacy is strongly associated with VPN use. Indeed, it is a great tool that can hide the location of the user who has safety concerns for some reason. But in the case of online casinos, the use of a VPN is a questionable decision due to several reasons:

  • Safety. Not all the services are equally safe. Since VPN software makes a "bridge" between the user and the source (a Bitcoin casino in our case), the data that is passed in such a way is vulnerable, which hackers can take advantage of. Thus, if there is no way to avoid VPN usage, it is recommended to use only popular and time-proven services. For example, ExpressVPN is one of the most reputable VPN providers, which also has cryptocurrency as one of their payment methods.
  • ID verification. VPN use does not guarantee the casino will not ask you for identity verification, so the players who use VPN service to bypass the casino's location restrictions or account ban most likely will not find much success.

Bottom line

In conclusion, we would like to give a couple of tips from experienced players who can help avoid problems and misunderstandings with withdrawing funds from a Bitcoin casino.

  • When choosing a site for crypto gambling, pay attention to the presence of an SSL certificate. You can determine this by the lock icon before the site URL in the address bar of the browser. The sign "https" means the presence of an SSL certificate, while "http" - its absence. This is an important technical feature that provides security during data transfer between the site and the user.
  • If the lack of verification is important for you, contact the casino's support before making a deposit to find out whether the identity verification procedure is required for the withdrawal of winnings.
  • It is not recommended to use a VPN for playing in a Bitcoin casino (where the KYC is required), because the security team of such sites today has the skills to track it.

Affiliate disclosure: this webpage contains affiliate links which is the main source of income for our website to cover the administrative expenses (hosting, content creation, website development). However, we do not post paid reviews and review only the casinos that deserve to be highlighted.