Nowadays, literally every industry of internet business undergoing tremendous changes due to emergence and active development of blockchain technology. Conception of decentralization keep attracting people who appreciate independency, safety and confidentiality, and these are one of the main values, which crypto-revolution stands for. And if independence is a goal, then cryptocurrency is a means. Online gambling industry is one of those which benefited from blockchain technology integration into our online-life the most.


Every gambler appreciate anonimity and it is what became possible thanks to cryptocurrency. Firstly, storage where you hold your coins (web wallet, desktop wallet, cold storage etc) doesn't require binding to identity or any personal data. Unlike third-party services for storing your funds, which require every possible documents and are middlemen between you and your money, crypto-wallets allow to exclude intervention of third-parties to your finances, and provide you direct management of your funds. And the second thing to admit, most of bitcoin casinos won't ask you for your documents to make a deposit and, what is most important, to make a withdrawal of your winnings. So that means you can play casino without identity verification.

No location restrictions

In some countries, for example USA, Canada, China, UAE (United Arabian Emirates) and so on, online casinos are forbidden by law. But whether in your country gambling is forbidden or not, many bitcoin casinos welcome players from any country of the world, leaving up to you all responsibility and decision to play or not. And some nimble players use VPN to get an access to those few crypto-casinos which still have any geographical restrictions, but we do not justify or condemn them and, moreover, we do not call for such actions.

Games variety

Range of games, which bitcoin and altcoin gambling platforms offer not only is not inferior to usual casinos, but often exceeds it: fans of classic can play such popular casino games as blackjack, roulette, slot games for bitcoin - in other words, all the games which usual casino provides are also available to play for crypto. In order to attract users many bitcoin casinos offer new and uniquely designed games, and this trend is only gaining momentum, which is also contribution of blockchain technology to development of online gambling.

We believe that quality of online casinos will only be improving with time, and we want to help you get even better play experience, providing and testing the list of best bitcoin casinos, which are trusted by hundreds of players all over the network.