Not a secret for anyone that our life is like a zebra - consists of a sequence of black and white stripes. And you only can hope that you're moving in direction of zebra's head. But when black stripe lasts too long it's hard to save optimism, right? The same concept applicable to gambling with bitcoin: everyone likes winning, nobody likes losing. But even playing in best bitcoin casinos, everyone, whether newbie or experienced player, sometimes has lose streaks, so we want to share some tips about how to overcome it.

Set up yourself right

Making a deposit, imagine it is already lost and consider that money as a payment for entertainment which gambling is. So if you lose, it won't hurt so much, but in case of win - it will make you double happy.

Be patient

You have to be patient. Yeah, it's easy to say, but the key is that in gambling losing is inevitable part of the way to big wins. It's all about math: the more you lose, the more chance to win (statistically). Though, as practice shows, it doesn't always work in a short period of time, but can even worsen if you losing control and do deposit after deposit trying to recoup everything right now. So instead of making three deposits in one day make a deposit once a day three days in a row. Even few hours break can help.

Share your loss

Think you are the biggest loser in a world? Hell no, there are many of us! Go to appropriate section of some cryptocurrency related forum or chat - there are a lot of gamblers who have the same issue. Tell your story and listen to others, knowing that you're not the only will make you feel better. Finding bitcoin casino with chat is also an option.

Change something

If you feel like running in circles try to play in another casino or/and another game. There are plenty of high quality bitcoin and altcoin casinos, which offer impressive diversity of games. Sticking to one website or game you isolate yourself from fun which offers casino you've never tried. Furthermore, golden rule of investing, diversification, seems to work for gambling too: it often happens that money which you lost in one casino succesfully recovered in another.

Be in good mood

Do not sit playing if you're not in a good mood and, moreover, if you are upset. Most likely it will only make it worth as gambling requires clear mind. And being in a good mood you better tolerate loses.

So here are some hints for dealing with losses playing at cryptocurrency casino which help us and we hope will be useful for you. And, of course, good luck!