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If you are looking for the most unique crypto casino – Stake is exactly what you need. It was established in 2017, but despite its young age it has extremely experienced team behind it, who were the creators of the first successful bitcoin dice website - Primedice. For only one year Stake has become a giant among crypto gambling platforms, which provides ultimate gaming experience to thousands of players.

1. Technical

Fairness and transparency are what Stake’s management stands for and it is clearly expressed with their constant communication with players and in every technical aspect of the platform. The casino is licensed and operates under two seals of trust: Crypto Gambling Foundation and Curacao gaming license.

The first great feature awaits you right after the website’s main page is loaded – instant registration, which means you only need to enter your username and you’re ready to play. All the functionality is available for you by signing up this way, you will only need to bind your email when it comes to withdrawal (only for your safety). And if you have concerns about how your account stays yours with only username - it is possible thanks to latest technologies Stake has in use. Player’s anonymity is also what Stake’s administration highly values, so in most cases nobody will ask you who is behind your username, even upon withdrawal.

Any issue player has can be quickly solved with the help of 24/7 support chat. But if you’re hesitating if your question is in need of support help or just want to hear public opinion – there is a whole forum with friendly people, so in any case your question won’t be left without attention.

Intuitive and flexible website’s interface is available in six languages, which are English, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and French. It is 100% mobile-friendly and you can also switch between light and night modes depending on your mood or preferences.

2. Games

There are 12 different bespoke games designed in the same style:

  • Blackjack
  • Mines
  • Plinko
  • Wheel
  • Hilo
  • Roulette
  • Chartbet
  • Dice (sphere and original)
  • Diamond poker
  • Keno
  • Baccarat

Each of them has provably fair open algorithm behind it, so the result of every single bet can be verified personally by the player. Eight out of twelve games are available to be played in auto-betting mode with custom parameters, which is great for those who like testing different strategies.

Most of the games are very popular among gambling community, but some may be not so well-known, so we will highlight them closer.


Even though most people can remember mines from childhood as Minesweeper, far not every bitcoin casino has adopted it, but here, on Stake, it is one the most favorite games due to its flexibility, mechanics and outstanding visuals.

How to play: there is a 5x5 cells field with hidden mines and gems, which are 22 gems and 3 mines by default, but you can place any other number of mines (from 1 to 24). After bet is made you should pick a cell to reveal what is hidden within it – gem will increase your winning sum, which you can cash out any time, but picking a cell with mine will end the game and forfeit the bet.

It is also available for auto-betting: set your own configuration (bet size, number of mines, win/loss bet change, number of games), define the pattern of cells to pick and watch how your strategy works on you.


Plinko is the game which at first glance may seem silly, but once you try it you will not want stop those balls from falling.

The concept is simple: click “bet” and watch how a ball falling through the pyramid of pins to give you the highest possible multiplier. The further the ball falls from center at the bottom – the more multiplier your bet gets (up to x1000). Sounds simple, right? But the real physics algorithm makes everything tougher.

Such game properties as number of pins and risk multiplier are available, along with automatic play mode.


Hilo is mechanically simple game, but it can bring you nice multipliers if you get lucky enough. Its name speaks for itself (Hilo – high/low) – you just need guessing which card will appear next. But let’s consider it in a bit more depth: before making a bet you’ll be given first card (can be changed), which you rely on making a choice what card, higher or lower, will be next. If your guess was right, the next card will appear, so you can cash out your winnings or you can use it as a bet for the card appeared. If you continue the game, your bet will increasing exponentially each time you guess right, so basically you can win unlimited amount with any initial bet size.

By the way, Hilo is the favorite game of high-rollers on Stake.

3. Deposit/withdrawal

Started with only Bitcoin, Stake has expanded its set of acceptable coins to five most popular ones: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

To make a deposit you need to click the “Deposit” button and choose a currency. For any coin picked you will be given the unique address, where you need to send corresponding tokens. Loading up bitcoins, only 1 network confirmation needed to have your balance available for play and as for the other coins – those guys will arrive to your Stake account even faster.

Withdrawal process clearly indicates how Stake’s management value their players. Withdrawals are instant and seem to be automatic. And the fee is 0.00005 BTC (5000 satoshis), which is ridiculously low.

4. Community

For only one year Stake has built strong community with forum, blog, social medias and players chat. If you are interested in regular giveaways and challenges – forum is the first place for you to keep an eye on. Each week the casino’s stuff runs two challenges for two different games where you need to fulfill the condition to share the prize. It is usually rather funny than difficult, but such events bring even more variety to players (along with some free btc). In addition to challenges there are many other promotions Stake runs on regular basis so it is highly recommended to be tuned!

And if you want to have a company on the way to winning your next bitcoin – welcome to the chat with more than thousand users usual online. There is its own room for each of six languages: English, Indonesian, Filipino, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. You can also catch random “rain” with some free coins or if you’re generous enough – celebrate your another big win making your own rain. Chat window is hideable and can be turned back any time.


Rather you’re experienced gambler who is in need of something new or just seeking your first crypto casino to try out – Stake is definitely worth your attention.

And here is the summary why we confidently call Stake one of the best bitcoin gambling websites:

  • Instant registration and anonymity
  • 12 bespoke top-quality games based on provably fair system
  • Perfectly works on mobile devices
  • 5 different cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Instant withdrawals and lightning-fast deposits
  • Great community
  • 24/7 live support
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