The process of watching a favorite team's match is exciting by itself, but any true sports lover will agree that placing a bet on it makes spectators feel like they personally participate in the match. That is why sportsbetting with cryptocurrency becoming more popular each day, as the benefits of making bets on sports using crypto can’t be ignored: anonymity, no country restrictions, and high transaction speeds - which sports fan wouldn't like it? It remains only to find reliable Bitcoin-bookmaker, which is the reason we prepared the list of best websites to make bets on sports using cryptocurrency.

CasinoFeaturesWelcome bonus logo
  • totally anonymous
  • 20+ disciplines to bet on
  • 7 cryptocurrencies
  • flawless mobile version
  • perfect Bitcoin sportsbook for high bets
NitrogenSports sportsbook logo
  • totally anonymous
  • 25 disciplines to bet on
  • NFL "Survivor Pool" event
  • perfect mobile version
  • Bitcoin-only
Sportsbet logo
  • about 30 disciplines for betting
  • no location restrictions
  • 4 cryptos and usual currency accepted
  • outstanding mobile version
  • several promotions
FortuneJack sportsbook logo
  • 25 disciplines to bet on
  • more than thousand matches
  • accepts players from any country (including USA)
  • 9 cryptocurrencies
  • decent mobile version
  • no eSports

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OneHash sportsbook logo
  • 13 disciplines available for betting
  • mutual betting (player versus player)
  • special event "Champions Fever"
  • totally anonymous (no registration required!)
  • great mobile version
  • altcoins deposit option added recently
Cloudbet sportsbook logo
  • 25 disciplines to bet on
  • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Tether accepted
  • nice mobile version

Why betting on sports with crypto is the best option?

Any person whether new to betting on sports or seasoned bettor wants to have the most comfortable conditions. Thus, more and more people prefer cryptocurrency as a payment method for sportsbetting due to reasons which are objective and hard to deny:

  1. Using regular currency for making a deposit is ok, but when it comes to withdrawal of winnings (which is the main goal) - there the bettor may face the issue of undesirable attention from conventional payment systems management (bank, Paypal etc.), which can ask the source of such income. In the case of cryptocurrency, there is just no such option.
  2. Everyone can bet totally anonymously using crypto. For some people, there is no much difference and they don't mind about identity verification and providing personal info to bookmakers. It is indeed not a big deal when betting at long-standing and trusted bookie as best of them grant flawless protection of user personal info, but when a player comes to a new betting website - ID requirement may cause suspicion (and it should). Bookmakers that accept cryptocurrency only, in its most, will not bother you asking for any personal info except the email to register an account. Thus, one less problem to worry about. There are some Bitcoin bookmakers (like OneHash) that don’t even require registration - just select the desirable sport event, send the bet to generated address (it is unique for every player), and provide the address for receiving cash in case of a win.
  3. Thanks to stablecoins, crypto-enthusiasts can choose whether to keep their balances purely in crypto or bet with regular currency still using crypto. This is because stablecoins' prices (like Tether, USD Coin, etc.) always follow the price of USD and some crypto-bookmakers accept stable coins as a deposit option.

Most popular sports events for betting with cryptocurrency

Literally any professional sports activity is available for betting with Bitcoin, so everyone can find the game to their liking (from american football to darts). However, we compiled a digest with most popular sports which people place bets on using crypto.

  • NFL (American football). NFL (National Football League) is the biggest annual sport event in USA as American football being the most popular sport discipline of USA. It also actively gaining popularity all over the world thanks to advanced media streaming technologies. Its structure makes it a perfect sport event to bet with Bitcoin: regular season followed by playoffs and finals. Bitcoin bookmaker NitrogenSports even has special event called "NFL Survivor Pool" where players should pick a team each week and if the team wins that week, players who placed a bet on it move to the next round, but those whose pick was wrong - leave the pool with nothing. The last player left in the pool takes all the money (there are pools with different buy-ins from a free one to 1 BTC).
  • Wimbledon (Big tennis)
  • NBA (Basketball)
  • NHL (Hockey)
  • FIFA World Cup - worldwide, UEFA Euro, Bundesliga - Europe / Germany (Soccer)
  • UFC (MMA i.e. Mixed Martial Arts). Relatively young discipline, but its popularity has grown tremendously since the legendary fight of Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov in 6th of October 2018. The fight had about two million views only via online streaming services!

The discipline for betting using cryptocurrency which deserves special mention is eSports. It has already established as a full-fledged sport and its popularity keeps growing from day to day with CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends being the most prominent representatives of the industry. Thus, most of Bitcoin-bookmakers offer eSports as an option for betting on.